Notes on Flaws

I have more faith in the capacity of my own regret to turn back time and allow me to respond well than I do in someone else's capacity to overlook my mistakes. It's horrible to depend upon another person's understanding. Still, so much of how I judge a situation is based upon how other people respond. Maybe that's as it should be. We check each other.  

I recently read "Turn of the Screw" with my class. In the most basic sense, it's all about the way we create stories around things we don't understand. Sometimes the stories are off, in very significant ways, because we see the world around us rather than ourselves in the world. That's always the struggle, isn't it? To find meaning in the right place. It helps to have a second opinion. Or a third, or a fourth. And sometimes you just need a friend who texts back, "It's the best thing you could have done."